Green Tea Infused Sunroot Soup

It was 4:45pm and I was stressed. I had a pile of people coming for my monthly bread and soup night at 5:30pm and my soup wasn’t cooperating. I had already had a few near disasters with the four different kinds of breads I made (although they ended up fine) and I just couldn’t bear the thought of my soup not turning out.

I had asked my friends if they would prefer a traditional vegetarian soup, or a slightly exotic vegetarian soup. The slightly exotic won the vote. So, I decided to make this: I figured a recipe that included Green Tea and had a main ingredient I’d never heard of had to be exotic! 🙂

This is what Sunroots (also known as Sunchokes or Jerusalem Artichokes) look like…


The roots look similar to ginger root but the plant is actually in the family of sunflowers.  This soup is made with the tubers, known as a root vegetable. It’s similar to potatoes, but has no starch and is slightly sweeter. It can be eaten either raw or cooked. It grows in the USA.

The recipe calls for peeling the sunroot, but after reading up on it I decided to leave the skin on it. It would have taken to much time to peel all the lumps and layers. (As it was it took me quite awhile just to wash them). So my soup ended up much darker than the one in the pictures included with the recipe.

So, back to my story… I had cooked the soup for the whole day the day before in the crockpot and expected it to be done. But the sunroot was still not soft and the immersion blender wasn’t doing a good job of blending it. (Living at a high altitude definitely affects things). I went to my neighbors to borrow a pan and use their stove to try to get it cooked enough… and here it was getting close to the time and it still wasn’t done!

Fortunately, a couple of friends came early. One of them worked with the soup turning the heat up and finally getting it to the point where it blended, another one helped pick stuff up and vacuumed, while I worked with my last type of bread which hadn’t had sufficient time to rise enough. It didn’t finish baking until 45 minutes into the evening. But, everything came together in the end.

Over 30 friends showed up to eat!

The verdict on the soup? “Very different. Good, but not what I expected. Interesting blend of flavors.” I think one time was enough for making this soup.

The favorite breads were the harvest bread and the three-cheese (non)-beer bread. I’ll share those recipes later.


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