The Life of a Sourdough Starter

I was afraid I might have to call this the death of a sourdough starter. I have had a very happy sourdough starter for many months, all alive and bubbly. Recently though I was busy, not paying much attention, when I discovered I had dumped vanilla flavored soy milk into my sourdough starter. It was supposed to go into the bowl next to the starter. It was too late to get the soy milk out and there was nothing I could do about it, so I decided to just go ahead and “feed” the starter with flour. (You feed sourdough starter by adding an equal amount of flour and water, then stirring it).

Normally, sourdough starter just has flour, water and yeast in it. Click here for a primer on sourdough, full of great information!  See starter recipe here.

So yesterday, I stirred it all up and then added more flour and water, stirred it again and waited to see what would happen. Within a few hours, as you can see, the starter got happy and bubbly again! I made a wonderful sourdough bread from it. I’ll share the recipe tomorrow. Apparently the starter didn’t mind the soy milk. Maybe it liked the soy or the vanilla flavoring? 🙂

It’s a little crinkly on the top because it landed on it’s head when I took it out…

Lesson learned: it’s a slight bit sweeter at least for now, but soy milk doesn’t kill the starter!


2 thoughts on “The Life of a Sourdough Starter

  1. I’ve never done a starter for fear I wouldn’t be able to handle all the bread I’d have to make. Thanks for the encouragement. I think Vanilla Soy bread sounds yummy!!

    • Debra, I totally hear you on that one. But so far, as you can see, I’ve found the starter to be very forgiving. 🙂 If I don’t use it for a few weeks it’s still fine. I just stir it up, feed it, wait a few hours and it’s good to go.

      I think a Vanilla Soy wheat bread would be great. I’ve used vanilla soy in the place of water before in my bread, but I might try some variations on it. Sounds like a new challenge! Thanks for the idea.

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