Cultivate the Garden Within…

One happy mama spider plant!

I love plants, but I normally don’t do well with them. Contrary to the rest of my family my thumb is definitely not green. Their plants are always beautiful. For my plant (notice the singular here), there is never any direct sunlight through my windows to encourage it to grow. I usually end up drowning plants, or going to the opposite extreme of not noticing them until they are brown and crisp… and forgetting them until they are on their last gasping breath. Then I feel terrible for destroying yet another (once beautiful) green growing thing.

One of the “babies.” There are probably at least eight of them now.

This spider plant, however, is thriving! It keeps sending out shoots, growing new “babies.” I just counted eight of them! This plant makes me WANT to remember to take good care of. It’s so forgiving. 🙂 This plant has a will to survive/thrive despite it’s sometimes less than perfect circumstances.

I think there is a life lesson in there for me. What about you?


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