Noon Rogani Bread


Cinnamon and I are great friends! I use a lot of it between adding it to my smoothies, putting it into soups and making toast with it. So, when I saw this impressive looking but fairly easy bread recipe had cinnamon in it I was delighted!

It’s called Noon Rogani Bread, or “Azerbaijani Turban Bread”. Azerbaijan is in Southwestern Asia, bordered by the Caspian Sea, Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Iran. Although I have traveled a lot, I’ve never been to Azerbaijan. But, if this bread is any indication of what it is like there I might just have to visit sometime. 🙂

Noon Rogani is considered a sweet breakfast bread, but in my opinion it’s not overly sweet… despite it’s filling of sugar, cinnamon and butter. It’s much less sweet than cinnamon rolls for instance. Click here to get the recipe:

The ruler in the above picture is 18 inches long. Once the bread has risen for the first time, you roll it out to around 23 inches square by 1/8 inch thick. You brush it with butter then add the cinnamon and sugar. Then you roll it into a log. Once it’s in that shape, you squeeze it and roll it until it’s about five feet long! I don’t have much space, so I used my three foot card table to work on.

Then comes the fun part… making the coil or “turban” as some people call it. You gently twist the bread from one end to the other, then lay it on a greased cookie sheet in a loose coil. You use up the rest of the butter by brushing it on the top of the loaf. You let it rise a second time for about 30-40 minutes until it gets fluffy.

All coiled, buttered, and ready to rise the second time.

You bake it for 30-45 minutes. I have a very small oven so the 10 inch baking sheet just barely fits. The end result is a 10-12 inch spiral of yummy goodness!

The verdict? Excellent! Everyone who tried it loved it. Another win for cinnamon in my book. 🙂


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