It’s Pink Salt. Pink What?

What kind of salt is pink? Is it some kind of festive designer salt for special occasions? Is it dyed to celebrate the birth of a sweet little girl? Whoever heard of pink salt? Well, now I’ve not only heard of it, I’ve seen it and bought some. 🙂

Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.

– Nelson Mandela

Just in the last couple of months I’ve heard of different colors of salts. They include black salt from India and pink salt from the foothills of the Himalayas. For a Guide to Salts click here:

Now that I have this lovely pink salt I decided to do a bit of research on it. Pros: It’s unrefined, with trace elements of 84 different minerals, etc. in it. It doesn’t have iodine added to it. It’s probably won’t be polluted because it’s been underground, whereas sea salt potentially could be polluted. Cons: It’s taken from a salt mine in Pakistan, so it’s not local. It’s not cheap (relative to other kinds of salt)… is it worth the money?

“Bread that this house may never know hunger, salt that

life may always have flavor. “

~It’s A Wonderful Life, (movie) 1946

What do you think? Have any of you used it before? Do you have any recipes that you specifically use it for? Is it a waste of money or a good investment? I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments.

And I do kind of like the pink color. 🙂


6 thoughts on “It’s Pink Salt. Pink What?

  1. I use it for anything I don’t cook – raw. It has beautiful flavour and health benefits like normalising blood pressure, helps nutrient absorption and eliminates toxins. I still use Maldon (from UK) salt for cooked food as the flavour is better when cooked – when cooking the pink salt you loose some of the minerals and trace elements.

  2. We use it (not exclusively, however, cause I do so much baking and it’s not easy to measure for that and also because i have a limited supply). I brought it with us to Africa. And I found it’s cheaper if you can buy it in ‘bulk’ section (where all the bins are that you scoop out as much as you want) at a health food store and put it in another grinder.

  3. Hi friend! I have just come across some fermenting recipes and they call for using Himalayan Salt, so I was just looking at this product at Costco! I need to get probiotics into my diet, so fermented foods are the WAY cheaper way to go. Enjoy your pink salt!

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