Is Coffee Your Cup of Tea?

I’m one of those people who will never grow up. Drinking coffee is synonymous with being an adult in many circles I’ve been in over the years. The only way I can drink coffee is to ice it… and put so much cream and sugar in it that I might as well just leave the coffee out!

On the other hand, I have learned to drink tea. 🙂 There are so many wonderful flavors and options. The one pictured below is a Gojiberry/Blueberry/Pomegranate flavored Green Tea Blend from ESP Emporium. It gives the excellent health benefits of a green tea, but with a  fruity, mild, delicious flavor. (Green tea’s potential health benefits include everything from fighting many different kinds of cancer to helping your heart).

Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.  ~Author Unknown

I have over 20 types of tea available in my home, mainly for guests. Although I have 4-5 favorites, I don’t drink it everyday, and rarely more than one cup at a sitting. It depends on the weather and my mood. At this time of year I steep the tea, then let it sit until it’s cold. 🙂

Most of my teas are in teabags. My sister, an avid tea drinker, bought me this teapot for steeping loose teas. So now I can make either or both kinds.

“The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort and refinement” – Arthur Gray

Would you care to join me for a cup of tea? We can enjoy the flavor of the tea as well as the flavor of a good conversation! 🙂

Do you drink tea? Do you prefer tea bags or loose tea? What are your favorite flavors? I’d love to hear your opinions on it.


10 thoughts on “Is Coffee Your Cup of Tea?

  1. Dutifully I drink green tea with lemon every morning because it’s good for me, but not because I am fond of the taste or aroma. It comes in a bag, simply because it is the only green tea that doesn’t leave me nauseous or….leave me minutes after I drink it. Recently, our third born son, a connoisseur of tea, informed me that my boiling water/seeped 30-minute green tea was practically a crime against tea leaves and would leave anyone queasy. I am in the process of trying to use his water of 140* and seep no more than 2 minutes green tea guidelines. This recipe is much more kind to my stomach.

    I have two favorite teas, both are loose leaf, although they honestly do not even host tea leaves of any kind.
    1. My absolute favorite is (pardon the gooey name) “Luscious Licorice Tea” a loose leaf sold by Frontier Herbs. It delights my licorice fancy with it’s “Licorice, cinnamon, anise seed, orange peel, chamomile, and cloves. It’s sweet and I love the generous chunks of orange peel.
    2. Second runner up in my tea cup is “Trinity Winters Remedy Tea Blend” purchased through StarWest Botanicals. The blend is promoted as a feel better while having a winter virus tea and it does the trick, but I actually enjoy it even when I am happy and healthy. The blend is simple: Slippery elm bark, ginger, licorice root, wild cherry, and lemon peel. I guess I’m just kind of a licorice-citrusy type of gal!

    I also made a loose leaf “Chai Green Tea” for my daughter-n-law on Mondays when she dropped our grandchildren off for the day. This is also purchased through StarWest Botanicals, but I’ve cut the ingredient list off. She prefers it sweetened and with milk.

    I love ordering teas in bulk. I repackage the pound bags into glass mason canning jars and tuck them away in the tea cupboard. There are a few other types of teas along side my favorites, but they are mostly for company not familiar with tea-scissors or the composting of the used tea bulk. .

    • Debra,

      Sorry to hear that green teas don’t like you, but I’m glad you found a way to at least be able to handle them. Another possible solution is to “hide” them in other foods. I don’t know if you cook or bake or make smoothies, but tea can often be added to other ingredients that might make it easier to swallow. For some ideas check out my board about tea on Pinterest.

      I also have a licorice tea on my list of favorites: Licorice Spice from Stash Tea. So smooth and tasty. In general I prefer spicy kinds of teas.

      Thanks for the info on your favorite teas. I’ll have to check into Frontier Herbs (I’ve enjoyed some of their spices over the years but never thought to check into their teas) and StarWest Botanicals.

  2. My cup of tea really is coffee… although I do also love tea. I love black tea, fruit tea, green tea… In fact, the only kind of tea I don’t like is roiboos (red tea).

    One time a friend made me mind tea by grabbing a bunch of mint leaves from the garden and throwing them in hot water. I loved that!! I love the idea of drinking plants 🙂

    I also really love experiencing international hot drinks. A capaccino in Italy, a sweetened coffee in Vietnam (iced is great, too), fruit tea in Germany… and there are so many places I haven’t been yet!! One thing I would love to do is experience a coffee ceremony in Ethiopia.

    I would love to have tea with you!

    • I hear you on the roiboos. That is one I can’t stand. I find hibiscus almost as bad, but not quite.

      As I was reading your comment I remembered that there is one kind of coffee that I actually like. Turkish coffee! I didn’t have it often the times I’ve visited Turkey, but I really enjoyed it when I did. I’m not sure why. 🙂 Oh, and I did bring back a bag of Turkish Tea… the real stuff, not the tourist Apple tea.

      What’s a coffee ceremony in Ethiopia? I’ve heard of tea ceremonies (like in Japan), but never coffee. It sounds intriguing.

      • Turkish coffee sounds awesome!!
        Here is a short post I wrote on a coffee ceremony… Also, I could just tell you more about it in person but the description and the pictures say a lot.

        Turkish tea also sounds intriguing. My friends from one of the recent teams brought me back some tea from Nepal. It’s quite strong!! I’m pretty sure I don’t make it the right way… I should educate myself so I can see what it’s really supposed to taste like.

      • From the pictures and post, the ceremony looks like a great excuse to hang out with friends. I like that idea! I’d like to hear more about it in person. 🙂

        I also have Nepali tea and I watched a person who lived in Nepal for many years make it. I can show you if you would like. Or we can sample the Turkish Tea. It seems to be the norm to put sugar in it, though.

        Your schedule is busier than mine. We can set a time, or you can just drop in when you need a break!

  3. I am all about coffee! But I still love a good cup of tea. There is an English brand called PG Tips that I can only get at stores that carry British imports but it’s worth the hunt. I also love lemon ginger – Stash makes the very best one!

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