Edible Art: The Grapevine Bread

This was the sunken in bread I made yesterday. It tastes great, but looks a little sad. Click here for the Cottage Cheese Hemp Bread recipe: http://lifeofcolors.com/2012/06/10/cottage-cheese-hemp-bread-machine/

Here is how it looks today.

“All sorrows are less with bread.”
Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish author. (1547-1616)

Doesn’t the sunken in area look better with a grapevine around it? 🙂

So, how does one “paint” bread? On this bread I used both store bought and natural edible paint. The green color is a Wilton product for cake decorating. The purple color comes from blueberries.

I’ve never made natural dye before. Normally it’s done using a stove, but I don’t have a stove. So, I decided to try it in the microwave. You start off with one part (frozen) blueberries to two parts water. Add a little bit of salt to help “set” the paint. The idea is to cook it down until it resembles the texture of a rather thick paint. Then let it cool down before you paint with it.

I kept crushing the berries with a fork to get as much color as possible. It’s probably best to remove the skins, but I left them in. Once it’s ready, take a new (never used with regular paint), clean brush and use it to paint the design.

What do you think? Have you had to “rescue” any of your breads? Have you ever used “natural” dyes? If so, how did you make them? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.


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