Wildfire, Mandatory Evacuation

This evening around 8pm I was evacuated from my home because of a wildfire raging nearby. I took these photos from my balcony around 4pm.

We will see how things are once I’m told I can come back. I’m safely at a relative’s house.


5 thoughts on “Wildfire, Mandatory Evacuation

    • Thank you island traveler. I, and all of my friends, are safe. One family that I know fairly well did lose everything. They were out of town when the fire hit (setting up and attending the funeral of the mom’s dad), so had no opportunity to save anything. Several other friends had close calls including having houses next to them burned, but their home’s are fine.

      The community here is amazing. I have a couple of friends who are “first responders” for emergency situations, and they were told there were so many volunteers helping out that they weren’t needed. How amazing is that? 🙂

    • Thank you. It was very scary. When I drove away, our part of the city was like an inferno. Smoke and flames everywhere. It was a horrible beauty. But, the fire here is out and we’ve had some rain which really helps.

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