Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

The Weekly photo challenge from WordPress this week is Merge. The world is made up of many things. There is a saying that opposites attract, and this is true for relationships and other things. Let’s see what you can MERGE in a photo!

I have more fun with these bear slippers. Most people do a double-take when they see them, because they look so “real” when I’m walking in them. They actually look like they belong on me. 🙂 Kids have either been fascinated by or scared silly by them. Dogs and cats even react to them (one cat got so scared it “peed it’s pants” and ran off and hid). Rarely are these slippers ever ignored…

To me, they merge reality and fantasy into something almost believable!

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What does merge mean to you? Does this photo portray merge in your mind? I’d love to hear your comments.